Firm Overview

Fairfield County Family Law, Divorce and Child Custody

The Law Office of Jessica Esterkin LLC provides individualized client solutions based on extensive experience and knowledge as well as close relationships with specialists ranging from forensic accountants to business valuation experts to therapists and parenting coordinators.

The Firm’s founding attorney, Jessica Esterkin, is highly experienced in child custody issues and establishing parenting plans, mediation, trial experience and asset negotiations.  Attorney Esterkin is dedicated to protecting client’s rights, assets and interests.

Attorney Esterkin’s experience, combined with extensive relationships allow her to ensure a complete understanding of the specific issues and needs of each case.

Attorney Esterkin prides herself on constant communication with clients and her own accessibility.  Family law and divorce is emotionally challenging and Attorney Esterkin is committed to providing timely responses and the coaching necessary to minimize stress and unceratinty.

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