Practice Areas

The Law Office of Jessica Esterkin LLC focuses specifically on the areas of family law, matrimonial law and divorce, child custody issues and mediation.

Attorney Esterkin relies on experience and a client-centric focus to tailor solutions to meet each specific clients’ needs.  The Firm’s practice areas include:

  • Child Custody, Support and Visitation – Attorney Esterkin’s experience representing children gives her a unique perspective in child custody issues and establishing parenting plans, always ensuring that the child’s best interestes are prioritized.
  • Alimony & Spousal Support – Spousal support, whether paying or receiving is a major issue in any divorce.  Attorney Esterkin has a firm understanding of these issues and is dedicated to achieving a favorable outcome for clients.
  • Asset Division – Connecticut law requires that marital property is distributed in an equitable manner.  Attorney Esterkin is experienced in cases involving high net worth individuals, particularly those who own businesses.   Understanding complex personal and business financial statements is critical in asset division and ongoing support.  Once a valuation is determined, Attorney Esterkin focuses on achieving a resolution that allows one spouse to continue business operations and the other to receive an equitable off-set.
  • Post Judgment Modification & Enforcement – Oftentimes, as financial circumstances or a child’s needs change, post judgement modifications are required.  Attorney Esterkin is committed to providing long-term support and guidance for her clients to ensure that any post judgement modification is fair and enforced.
  • Substance Abuse – Unfortunately, substance abuse often contributes to the disolution of marriage.  Attorney Esterkin has experience with these matters and understands the impact such abuse can have on families.